April 13, 2024

How to have a birthday without a party

2 min read

Birthdays are a fun part of life, something which marks the forthcoming of new year. Every parent wants to throw the most fun kids birthday party in Dubai for their child but it can not only cost a lot, but also becomes extremely stressful and energy draining to a point where the actual party starts and your energy falls.

So here are the tricks to have a fun birthday celebration without having a birthday party but still have as much – or maybe more – fun.

Camp it out

The most precious gift a parent can give to their children is an experience outside of the world of tablets and electronic devices, out in the open and living in the moment for once. Summer camp Dubai is a great way to hang out with your fam jam on occasions such as birthdays and roast marshmallows as you all sing the old songs sharing fun stories about each other on a starry night.

Sleep over or sleep under?

If your kid is young who wouldn’t sleep without you then there is a high chance that other kids have the same habit. But don’t worry as you can call all their plans over for a sleep under instead of a sleepover. Kids get to eat all sorts of snacks, watch Baby’s Day out or Lion King and have a pillow fight to a point when they drop dead but not at your home instead in their own home as parents pick them up at midnight.

Fly high across the sky

If you have been throwing parties for a while then it is better to take a break from them and try flying to some other city for the weekend and have fun as you explore the place and kids get to celebrate their birthdays. To add a sense of grown up in your children on the marking of their new year, you can ask them to choose the place which they want to travel.

Good ol’ family dinner

Cousins are as important to children as their school and neighbourhood friends. Invite a huge family dinner which includes your child’s favourite relatives and make beautiful memories across the huge dining table. There is nothing better than a simple yet elegant meal.