September 24, 2023

What to keep in your stationary shop

2 min read

A stationary shop has its own importance. Every person has to buy a lot of things from there every month. A stationary should have all things related to education and printing. It should provide all services and product which anyone can need regarding printing and photocopying. It is the sign of a good stationary shop that it is useful. 

To set up a good stationary shop, your shop should have following things and services:

  1. Stationary: Keep pencils, pens and all stationary in your shop of different prices so that everyone can buy from your place. Focus on quality. Don’t sell c grade pens and pencils that won’t work properly or meet expectations of your customers. Contact numerous stores Sharp photocopier suppliers in UAE to get the best stationary. 
  2. Books: Keep common books in your store for sale so that you can get more customers. Try to make your store useful for everyone. Buy cheaper books from wholesale market and sell on little increased price to give benefit to your customers.
  3. Journals and notebooks: sell notebooks and journals or spiral journals in affordable prices to customers. Give special discount to youngsters and students. In this you will get more customers and buyers. 
  4. Photocopy machine: Keep a photocopy machine in your store. Remain in contact with printer leasing companies Dubai to get the best machine and services on discount. This machine will get you more buyers and small projects from different companies and institutes which want large number of copies everyday or month. 
  5. Printer: Keep a printer in your shop to print books, photos and other things which can work fast to please customers. Try to give different facilities to your customers. Keep the facilities of both black and white and colour printing. It will be beneficial for both of you. 
  6. Plastic coating: Provide the services of plastic coating to your customers all time in which you can put plastic on certificates, books and journals for cheap. 
  7. Chart paper: Keep chart papers and color papers in your store which you sell for cheap to your customers. Try to keep varieties of colours and patterns in chart papers and color papers. 

Pouches and stationary box: Keep different kinds of boxes and pouches in your store in which students can keep their stationary and stick notes beside money and important papers.