September 24, 2023

Dubai has sense of shopping

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Do you know that without communication a man is nothing. He or wants a person in all moments of life with whom they can talk and have slight conversation because unlike animals, men are social animals. They learn from their environment by seeing other people that how they are living. That’s the reason why a child of Pakistan has some different style of interacting as compared to American and Chinese child because he or she has seen his or her Pakistani grand parents and people

  1. Talking
  2. Eating
  3. Singing or
  4. Dressing  and many other tasks which are performed in day to day lives.

Each country has its own culture and traditions which are created by people of itself by looking at others of whom style they MI’s and create new culture.

These culture and traditions make people comfortable in a country by giving activity to them. Therefore,  they find it difficult to adjust in another country of the world when they have to migrate because of being unable to follow their way of living. But some people are there  who are very sensitive about their old. Such people create their own space to follow them despite the fact they are living in another place of world. This is very common among Indians and Pakistanis who living collectively by making their own space in which they talk,  celebrate and live in their particular way.

That’s the reason why there are so many Indian and Pakistani shops in Dubai.

Because of being sensitive,  businessmen take benefit of it. There are many clothing brands and restaurants that have their branches in this city as well like

  1. Al-Karam
  2. Khaddi
  3. Mirraw and many others.

These shops have large variety of their counties’ clothing. These shops offer different benefits. One of them is online cart. If you are thinking “kurta online UAE or jalabiya Dubai is impossible” then you are wrong because in all of the brands mentioned you can create your shopping cart online and give order online too. It is not that difficult. However, but carefully because you can get something different from what you want. For example, you might percent a particular dress dark pink but when it delivered you find it red. So,  these are common issues faced by every other person who shop online.

So, it basic overview that why shops are available in this city of all people.